We redesigned the site for the Colbert Report in 2007, to hilarious effect.
COLBERT feature is the official fan site for the popular Comedy Central show The Colbert Report, hosted by former Daily Show correspondent and political humorist Stephen Colbert. Described as “the unofficial Colbert site, for the hardcore fan,” the website is the main online destination for the show’s 1.3 million viewers.  Our version of the site was intentionally designed to look like a super-fansite created by an amateur web designer.

Utilizing a WordPress theme incorporating many customizations and additions to suit the needs of the site, the programming also included a custom-built backend application for handling user generated video content. The overall concept also used intentionally corny and over compressed graphics such as animated gifs and more. 

The Canary-designed and built site served the show during its premiere season and for approximately two years.  We worked closely with the show’s production staff on projects including the nationally covered “Green Screen Challenge.”